Pauline                                                                                                          May 26, 2023

Keven Thériault is an outstanding advisor. He sells his product well, without giving pressure. Completely satisfied.


Jean-Hugues                                                                                                 May 19, 2023

Very good service and a nice welcome


Marie-Claude                                                                                               May 13, 2023

Great service and accuracy of the information given by our advisor Jordan Tremblay

Everyone I spoke with for the purchase of my new CX-9 was very professional!


Marc                                                                                                              May 11, 2023

I always have excellent service at Dubé Mazda. Staff always in a good mood and courteous.


Arnaud                                                                                                          May 10, 2023

The sales manager, Alexe Rioux, was super efficient on time and especially to accommodate my atypical schedule for the delivery of the vehicle! Great service


Cédric                                                                                                              May 7, 2023

Very nice service, I recommend Jordan to all my friends! Great work and experience!


Jacques                                                                                                            May 7, 2023

At Dubé Mazda, all staff seem to have the same goal: customer service. That was the mindset of the people at the service that morning. Jacky and Étienne make it their duty to explain the inputs and endorsements of the service offered. Thank you I trust you and recommend you.


Christine                                                                                                         May 6, 2023

Excellent and professional service. Excellent service, thank you!


Claudia                                                                                                           May 1, 2023

Great service!! Very good seller. Happy with my purchase!! Thank you


Hélène                                                                                                        April 30, 2023

Already a 3rd acquisition of a Mazda car including the last 2 purchased at Dubé Mazda! Kudos to Kevin and Alexe for the great service they gave us! They are dynamic and pleasant company! It's worth a visit being residents of the Quebec City area! Congratulations to the entire Dubé Mazda team!


Johanne                                                                                                       April 25, 2023

Very good service. Friendly staff.


Martine et Benoît                                                                                        April 22, 2023

Always great service. Thank you


Bernard                                                                                                         April 21, 2023

Alexe knows her product well, moreover she memorizes very well even in the long term (our business relationship dates back to the fall of 2022) the things I had said as a potential customer over our various contacts.


Marie-Pier                                                                                                  April 19, 2023

Great team and very attentive and finds solutions to problems very quickly. The team is really beyond my expectations and they are really caring. Having visited several dealerships in the region, they stand out from other teams. Really great team.


Linda                                                                                                             April 18, 2023

Very professional and courteous.  Jacky, the advisor very professional and gave clear explanations. Thanks to the one who installed my tires. Also, thank you for Étienne's courtesy when making appointments. Exceptional service.


Jonathan                                                                                                         04 April 2023

All the staff is welcoming and smiling. Nice atmosphere.


Daniel                                                                                                         March 30, 2023

All the people gave me excellent service. Thank you to all the team.__________________________________________________________________________

Stéphane                                                                                           March 29, 2023

The staff always welcoming and smiling impeccable service. The staff at the service for their welcome. They are always smiling and in a good mood. It's always fun to do business with them.


Myriam                                                                        March 23, 2023

Very welcome Good service. Nice dynamic team! We took good care of ourselves and our questions! Courteous and fast service! A big thank you to Jérémy St-Pierre and Alexe Rioux for the excellent service and their skills! I am very satisfied with my experience!


Vicky                                                                             March 23, 2023

The service of Étienne and Jacky is exceptional as always.


Annick                                                                          March 16, 2023

Always smiling and listening. Both the manager and the mechanic. They did everything and even more to make my experience exceptional.

Jacky and the technician. Jacky is courteous, caring, funny, professional. I had asked for photos for my personal satisfaction! See concrete work done! They were super kind, understanding and attentive! Well done! I wouldn't change my garage for all the gold in the world! 5 stars in Dubé Mazda !!!


Daniel                                                                             March 5, 2023

I would like to highlight the excellent work of my advisor Jordan, very attentive to my needs and very professional.


Jennifer                                                                          March 9, 2023

I loved my experience. The team was really great! Thank you very much!

Many thanks to Jordan and Alexe. I very much appreciate the work you have done.


Isabelle                                                                           March 6, 2023

Excellent service with Jordan, very prompt and honest. Go see it, you won't be disappointed.

Several new vehicles in inventory unlike other dealerships. I even made the round trip from Baie Comeau and I was very satisfied.


Gilles                                                                          February 22, 2023

Thank you to Alexe Rioux and Kevin Thériault for their professionalism and courtesy when buying our vehicle.


Nathalie                                                                     February 23, 2023

Message for Jacky: caring, meticulous, good-humored, benevolent and reassuring man! Message for William (in aesthetics): Wow! A young man in a good mood, who seems to love his job and who does a great job. I went to Valentine's Day and got a note in my car! Thank you so much!


rating 1Josiana

January 24, 2023

Always satisfied when I visit them

rating 1Angel

January 20, 2023

Always a welcoming, smiling and attentive staff .
No pressure sale. Knowledge of the products, the vehicles they sell.  This is my 2nd purchase at Mazda with the same person and it has always been so pleasant, clear and friendly. 

rating 1 Elaine

January 17, 2023

Courteous staff, meet on time.

rating 1Pierre

January 15, 2023

Courteous service. Respect of the established schedule.

rating 1Melanie

January 15, 2023

At Dubé Mazda every customer is treated exceptional way

At Dubé Mazda, each customer is treated exceptionally, whether in the sales department, funding and service. A smiling, caring and friendly experienced team.

rating 1Annick

January 14, 2023

10 /10 For the quality of service and product

rating 1 Andre

January 12, 2023

Always the same excellent service at Dubé Mazda de Rivière- of the Wolf.

rating 1  Paule

January 11, 2023

The service is impeccable!!!

The 2 service managers Jackie and Etienne are always extremely helpful.

rating 1 Maxim

January 11, 2023

Outstanding Service

Exceptional service, Jacky Thériault is always ready to answer questions and is very generous with her time with all customers, including those with "small" cars. The rest of the staff is equally "on the mark".

rating 1 Mathieu

January 10, 2023

Quick appointment scheduling. Friendly and professional staff.

 rating 1Marie-Éve

January 06, 2023

I am very happy with my purchase and they worked well answered my questions. Thanks again.

rating 1 Jean-Luc

04 January 2023

Staff is knowledgeable

The staff is competent and very courteous every time I make an appointment at Mazda I go to the time I requested.

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