Remarkable Work

I am a Mazda client since 2004 and have always been satisfied by the Mazda vehicles. I'd probably stop driving and Mazda vehicles were not to exist anymore! Unfortunately, I have had a few deceptions at Mazda dealerships. At Dubé Mazda, I was completely satisfied by their service and thank them for honouring our contract. I send them clients from my entourage very frequently and a lot of them have bought a vehicle too. At my next purchase, I will most definitely come back here! This time, I dealt with Julien Thériault who was very professional. He answered to all my questions and took the time to make sure the my new CX-5 was exactly what I needed. Thank you to the team at Dubé Mazda. You do a remarkable job!

Other customers satisfied

perfect service
The seller is even staying late after 10pm to deliver the car in a very fast time perfect service.
Exemplary Service
The service is exemplary and the team, courteous and always uplifting. It is very pleasant to go there for my service appointments.